Saturday, April 18, 2015

NEWS BULLETIN: Scott Free Clinic assimiliates major international disciple-making training ministry ...

The Board of Directors for the Scott Free Clinic voted at its Annual Meeting held today to assimilate
Partnership for Ambassador Training (P.A.T.), which is the support ministry for a major, international disciple-making training course taught by John Hendee through Hope International University (HIU) in Fullerton, California.

Dr. James Scott, Jr., Founder and President of Scott Free Clinic, has been consulting with Hendee for several months regarding the training Hendee does as part of his role serving as Chair of World Evangelism at HIU. This pairing of Hendee and Scott in expanding the reach and success of this disciple-making training led to the Scott Free Clinic formally assimilating the P.A.T. ministry as a regular part of the Clinic services.

The eight-week online "Relational Evangelism" course Hendee teaches through HIU and a consortium of 15 Christian colleges and universities is the most effective model for disciple-making being offered at a national and international level today. Hendee first developed the evangelistic tool used in the disciple-making model he teaches more than 30 years ago. Scores of people have been trained to use it in sharing the Gospel with non-believers and, as a result, thousands of people around the world have come into a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ using this method. The original tool and method have been revised and updated as the "It's All About Relationship" (IAAR) model for effective disciple-making.

What the formal assimilation of the P.A.T. ministry into the Scott Free Clinic means is that Hendee, as Chair of World Evangelism at HIU, will continue to teach the online course and consult with churches and organizations regarding developing an effective disciple-making and ambassador ministry to maximize a church or organization's effectiveness in making new disciples. The support work for the course, which includes recruitment, the coming launch of an Ambassador coaching and support network for course graduates, continued generation of ancillary training materials, and consulting to assist churches and organizations will be provided by the Scott Free Clinic through its Partnership for Ambassador Training ministry component.

"John and I, along with the Board of Directors for the Scott Free Clinic, share a passion to see as many people as possible come into a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ," Dr. Scott stated. "To accomplish that, we need to equip as many Christians and whole churches as possible to be effective disciple-makers and disciple-making churches. By our assimilating the P.A.T. ministry as a component of our ministry, John will be able to focus on training as many people as possible to be effective ambassadors for Christ, and the Scott Free Clinic will provide the ministry support to make that happen. John has already recruited a team of adjunct professors who are experts in the IAAR disciple-making model and HIU has made the course available as an Open Course Class which means there's no limit to how many can enroll, we could literally train multiple megachurches at once. We're ready to equip many thousands to be effective disciple-makers!"

Scott and Hendee recently collaborated on a new book, "Effective Disciple-Making for the 21st Century Using the It's All About Relationship Model" that will serve as companion material to the course and is about to be released to the general public. They also worked together to revise and update "Discipling Christians Using the Spiritual T.E.AM.," which are discipleship materials the Scott Free Clinic will be releasing as a free download to persons, churches, and organizations wanting to use the materials for discipling (maturing) followers of Jesus Christ.

"We are very excited about this ministry partnership with John and look forward to working with him to build relationships around the world with Christians, churches, church planters and church planting agencies, missionaries and mission agencies, and other Christian organizations to train an army of Christians to be ambassadors for Christ who are very effective at making new disciples of Jesus Christ," Dr. Scott said.

The challenge for the Scott Free Clinic taking on this additional ministry is that the Scott Free Clinic is still in the fundraising phase for fully launching all of the Scott Free Clinic services. You can learn more about the Scott Free Clinic by clicking here to visit the ministry website, which will be adding in the coming week a lot of information and materials for the P.A.T. ministry component. If you would be willing to make a contribution to help fully launch this ministry, or consider becoming a regular Care Partner, you can get more information or give online by clicking here.

To learn more about the eight-week online "Relational Evangelism" course, click here. The next class starts June 1, with a registration deadline of May 18. The cost for the course is only $50 per person. For more information about the Scott Free Clinic or Partnership for Ambassador Training, contact Dr. Scott at, and for more information about the "Relational Evangelism" course you can contact Dr. Scott or you can contact John Hendee directly at

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