Sunday, April 12, 2015

BIG news coming ... and other newsworthy notes ...

We expect there will likely be a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT following the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Scott Free Clinic this coming Saturday. Please pray for us as the Board will be considering an addition to our ministry that will broaden and deepen our international reach in equipping Christians, church leaders, and churches to be effective makers of new disciples. Should the outcome of the meeting be as we anticipate, we'll issue a public announcement shortly after finalizing the change.

FREE DISCIPLING MATERIAL - "Discipling Christians With the Spiritual T.E.A.M." is ready to be
released! We've taken the Rookie and Veteran seasons (each 13 weeks' worth of material) and combined them into one workbook. This will be placed on the Scott Free Clinic website in about one to two weeks for FREE DOWNLOAD by the general public. These are excellent materials for discipling Christians, and instead of going back to the publisher, we're GIVING THEM AWAY as a FREE DOWNLOAD! In the future, we may offer the option of purchasing published workbooks if you would rather not have to download and print them yourselves.

NEW BOOK - The book, "Effective Disiciple-Making for the 21st Century Using the It's All About Relationship Model," written by myself and John Hendee, will be released for purchase in one to two weeks. This book was written as companion material for the "Relational Evangelism" course John teaches at Hope International University (HIU). You'll find real value in the book even if you never take the course. If you're considering the course, this is a great book to read (it will be required reading for the course). And if you've already taken the course, you've got to have this book, as it puts the entire model together in a process you'll want to learn and execute. As soon as the publisher releases the book we'll provide the details of how you can purchase a published edition or buy it on Amazon for Kindle.

WE'LL BE REACHING OUT MORE! - We're planning on offering additional call-in events for counseling needs, and later in the year we will be launching our Couple Communication Training opportunities that will positively impact how couples communicate, strengthening and improving their marriages.

AMBASSADOR COACHING & SUPPORT NETWORK, an optional network for all those who successfully complete the "Relational Evangelism" online course at HIU, is in the works and we should have an announcement about this in the near future as well.

The Scott Free Clinic, which is still sorely unresourced, and because of that still unlaunched, needs YOUR help so we can provide the clinical counseling, advanced coaching, and Pastor Care so many people are waiting for in order to help them change their lives. We're also working to equip Christians, church leaders, and churches to be effective disciple-makers. To make this happen, we need your financial support. We invite and encourage you to visit our website here to learn more about this ministry, and we ask you to prayerfully consider making a donation to this ministry today, or join us as Care Partners who regularly support this ministry. You can make a tax deductible donation to this ministry here.

Exciting things are happening! Let's work together to help change lives for to the glory of God!


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