Sunday, February 1, 2015

Good (and not so good) news to report ...

Putting together the first Annual Report for the Scott Free Clinic was fun, as well as introspective. It provided me the opportunity to revisit the journey of this ministry's formation, from how God molded the vision of ministry for me, to our being inundated with requests for help in 2014.

That was the tough part.

We're a ministry that is not launched, not resourced, not supplied, and not financially supported, yet during 2014 we had a remarkable number of people seek us out for help, with many who are just waiting for us to launch so they can get the help they need to change their lives.

Even though we are unlaunched and thoroughly lacking in resources, we were able to help a lot of people last year. We thank God for that, and we also greatly appreciate the support of an outstanding team of dedicated Prayer Partners.

Now that we've navigated that first formational year, 2015 needs to be very different. While putting together the Annual Report, a disconnect became very apparent. There are many people who requested our services, there are many people still waiting for us to launch so they can use our services, and there are many people waiting for us to launch so they can refer people to the Clinic for our services. But most all of those people are not thinking in terms of also being able to make some kind of financial contribution to this ministry --- whether it's a one-time gift, or donations made monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. During 2014, only a tiny handful of people made a donation to this ministry, resulting in a resounding fiscal failure for us and no capacity to launch this ministry.

That's the not-so-good news, and that's the part that has to change for us in 2015.

In spite of 2014 being a financial flop for us, we have full confidence in God for the provision of the funds needed to launch this ministry. We also understand that provision will likely come through people God brings our way.

So, we'd like to ask you to please go to and become more familiar with this ministry. Then we would ask you to pray about making a donation, or becoming a regular Care Partner (financial sponsor) of this ministry. Every donation made to the Scott Free Clinic is tax deductible. You'll find information about donating to this ministry on our website here

This week I will be sending out a prayer update email that we send to our Prayer Partners each month. In 2015, we would like to double the size of our team of Prayer Partners. For information about how you could become a Prayer Partner, just click this link

Almost everything to report about this ministry is good news, the only real hurdle we have is raising the funds needed to launch this ministry. We'll continue to do what we can while trusting God, and also by challenging you to help us be a vital resource in helping people change lives, in supporting pastors, and in improving churches.

Let's change lives together!

Dr. James Scott, Jr.
Founder & President,
Scott Free Clinic

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