Monday, January 26, 2015

YOU and your CHURCH can learn to add HUNDREDS of NEW disciples every year ...

Open your calendar --- paper, digital, or otherwise --- and circle or highlight March 16, 2015.

Let's make that the day you as an individual, or your ministry, or your church begins to revolutionize your approach to making disciples so that every year you're adding at least hundreds of new disciples to the church.

I'll tell you why March 16 is important in a minute, but let me give you some context.

Over the past few decades there have been a few popular ways of sharing the Gospel that Christians have been exposed to, most of which really were not all that effective. And thinking that the "Romans Road" approach to sharing the Gospel is a comprehensive model for effective disciple-making is to rob non-Christians of a full hearing of the Gospel --- and it minimizes who you could reach for Christ.

There is a proven model for sharing the Gospel in both a comprehensive and concise way that has been so effective among a variety of cultures around the world that thousands have come to a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ by its use.

More than 35 years ago, John Hendee, while serving as Minister of Evangelism at Central Christian Church in Mesa, AZ, developed a complete model for evangelism that would soon be published by Standard Publishing. Scores of people learned and applied the model. In one year alone, 750 people were added to the congregation at Central, most through use of this disciple-making model. Since then, the model has been used by individual Christians, pastors and church leaders, church planters, missionaries, and implemented in churches all over as their model for disciple-making, and the result was always that of multiplying the number of new disciples being made, to the point that thousands have come to Christ through these efforts.

The model has been updated and revised, and is now called the "It's All About Relationship" model for effective disciple-making. John now serves as Chair of World Evangelism at Hope International University (HIU) in Fullerton, CA, where he has been teaching a successful online course called "Relational Evangelism" in equipping people to use this disciple-making model.

Now, the significance for the date.

On March 16, HIU will begin its first offering of training in the use of this disciple-making model through its Open Classroom platform. That means that individuals, or whole teams, or even entire churches, ministries, or organizations can take the course together at a greatly reduced cost of just $50 per person (if you have a guaranteed group over over 100 people, HIU will likely reduce the per person cost even more!). By being active participants in this course, in just eight weeks you (and your team or church, if doing this as a group) will be equipped in how to make disciples in the most effective way I have ever seen.

To invest further in your success at implementing this model, we are in the process of developing a disciple-maker coaching network to support you after you complete the course. We're also making available to you for FREE some quality materials for discipling Christians.

Instead of hoping you'll see some people come to Christ this year, why not equip the saints to become effective disciple-makers so that you can begin reaching the lost in the community around you by the hundreds?

We would welcome the opportunity to answer any of your questions and talk further with you about the possibility of you taking this course or the real value of using the "It's All About Relationship" disciple-making model personally, or in your ministry or church. You can contact John at or email me at

Make 2015 the year you became serious about winning the lost for Christ in a very bold and effective way, and make March 16 the day you start getting equipped to make that change happen!


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