Sunday, January 4, 2015

The power of His voice in our lives ...

The transformation of a Christian into the likeness of Christ isn't something that is instantaneous, but rather something that the Lord accomplishes over our lifetime.

A key way He does that is by using His "voice." To better understand that, writer Anne Paden shares a lesson of submission and obedience from Jack London's classic story, "White Fang," about a half dog, half wolf learning to live among men ...

"White Fang was very fond of chickens and on one occasion raided a chicken-roost and killed fifty hens. His master, Weeden Scott, whom White Fang saw as a man-god and 'loved with a single heart,' scolded him and then took him into the chicken yard. When White Fang saw his favorite food walking around right in front of him, he obeyed his natural impulse and lunged for a chicken. He was immediately checked by his master's voice. They stayed in the chicken yard for quite a while and every time White Fang made a move toward a chicken his master’s voice would stop him. In this way he learned what his master wanted --- he had learned to ignore the chickens.

"Weeden decided to test the training by locking him in the chicken coop for the day. Locked in the yard and there deserted by the master, White Fang lay down and went to sleep. Once he got up and walked over to the trough for a drink of water. The chickens he calmly ignored. So far as he was concerned they did not exist. At four o'clock he executed a running jump, gained the roof of the chicken house and leaped to the ground outside, whence he sauntered gravely to the house. He had learned the law."

In a similar manner, the voice of Christ transforms us. As our Great Shepherd, He guides His flock with words of direction, comfort, encouragement, and correction. Listening to His voice shapes us to His will and His likeness ...

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me," John 10:27.

Are you listening to, and submitting to, the voice of Jesus Christ?


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