Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here's a FREE SCHOLARSHIP that could transform your ministry and church!

We are incredibly excited to announce that the Scott Free Clinic will be giving away a FREE SCHOLARSHIP for one PASTOR and FIVE people he selects from his congregation for the "Relational Evangelism" course offered online by Hope International University as part of its School of Advanced Leadership Training (SALT) program.

GIVE ME A MINUTE to try to explain how GREATLY BENEFICIAL this course could be to YOUR ministry and YOUR local church.

This is NOT just another course on evangelism!

This is NOT just an academic study of evangelism!

Instead, this is a hands-on equipping in a specific evangelism methodology, using a specific evangelistic tool that is the best evangelistic tool I've ever used.

Some 30 years ago, I learned this particular evangelistic methodology and how to use this great evangelistic tool that has recently been revised and is now known as "It's All About Relationship" (IAAR). This tool and method has helped me to personally lead hundreds of people to Christ, and I have trained multiple churches to use this tool and method to become disciple-making churches.

The IAAR has been used by churches, church planters, and missions across the country and around the world with great success.

The author of this material, John Hendee, who will be teaching the online course, used this tool and method while he was Minister of Evangelism at Central Christian Church in Mesa, AZ, and in one year alone they added 750 new members! Not everyone who joined did so by going through the IAAR study, but the majority of them did.

Most churches today are trying to rely on getting people to come to church as a means of growing the church. What we have seen as a far more effective (and biblical) way to reach the lost for Christ is equipping Christians to be able to effectively share the Gospel with non-believers, and to be able to create relationships where they can offer an opportunity to hear the Gospel in a more comprehensive, yet concise way.

By offering this FREE SCHOLARSHIP, we're providing the opportunity for a pastor to select five people from his congregation to take this course with him. This is a great opportunity for a group from your church to be equipped together to become highly effective at making disciples, and to start a new effort in your congregation for reaching the lost in your community that will likely be far more effective than anything you have done thus far. Most churches are not doing anything (at all!) to teach believers how to share the Gospel with non-believers; by offering you this FREE SCHOLARSHIP, we're coming alongside to help equip you to equip others to be effective ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

A few things about this scholarship:
  • The course is an eight-week course and begins January 5, 2015.
  • The course will be offered online and taught by John Hendee, Chair of World Evangelism at Hope International University. You will have the opportunity to learn directly from John, who developed the IAAR, and who has a long and successful ministry career in evangelism and missions that can greatly benefit you in becoming effective disciple-makers.
  • You must be from a church with a membership under 1,000 members.
  • Because we're offering this to a pastor PLUS five additional members he selects from his congregation, this course will not be offered for credit, but instead as an audit. HOWEVER, to receive the scholarship, you have to agree to do the work as if you were receiving a grade. Your work will be graded by the professor to ensure your full engagement in the course.
  • We're able to offer the SCHOLARSHIP for free but that does not include the cost of the books. There are only four required books and, fortunately, they are NOT expensive textbooks, so this should be do-able for you. If you need help with the books, encourage your congregation to support the group as it studies together by assisting you with the cost of the books.
  • If you would like ADDITIONAL people from the congregation to take the course with you, they may enroll for a reduced per person cost of only $50.00 (the course would usually cost $300 per person). We're able to offer this reduced cost because this is the only course HIU has authorized to be a "MOOC" (massive open online course) course offering.
The Scott Free Clinic is offering this FREE SCHOLARSHIP as part of our consulting work that is committed to helping improve churches by helping them become effective disciple-making churches. We're available to encourage you as you go through the course, and if you need any help in how to use what you learn after the course, I will personally be available to work with you.

Unfortunately, we can only offer one FREE SCHOLARSHIP to one pastor and five additional people he picks from the same congregation. So, if you would be interested in signing up for the chance to win this FREE SCHOLARSHIP, simply send me an email at and tell me in just a few paragraphs why you would like to receive this scholarship and what you think  you would do with the training offered. To be considered, I need to receive your email no later than Monday, December 8.

Keep in mind that you're NOT required to do anything specific with what you learn, but we are looking for a pastor and church that has a hunger to be more effective at making disciples and would like to receive training that could make that happen if those who take the course apply what they have learned. I have personally audited this course and from that experience I can tell you this is a great way to be equipped to become an effective ambassador for Christ.

Finally, I just want to emphasize to you the depth of opportunity this FREE SCHOLARSHIP provides. This evangelistic tool and methodology has proven to be highly successful for decades and has resulted in many thousands coming to Christ. It can make a powerful difference in YOUR community should YOU equip people from your congregation as ambassadors for Christ. That training starts with YOU being trained, so send me your email and let's hear why YOU should be our scholarship winner.

In His Service,

Dr. James Scott, Jr.
Founder & President,
Scott Free Clinic

For more information about the Scott Free Clinic, please visit our website at

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