Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why don't we do something about this?

In an interview posted in an article on social media today, another megachurch pastor confessed to suffering from depression and having suicidal thoughts.

There's a lot of REAL need for help out there!

With the tragic story of the suicide of Rick Warren's son, there has been a sharpened awareness that there are MANY people out there in our communities, as well as filling our churches, whose struggle is such that they need professional help. Their challenges extend beyond what a cup of coffee and conversation with a friend can do for them.

Why don't we get serious about doing something about this?

There are many ways all of us can take real steps in helping others get the help they need and I would encourage you to explore the opportunities available to you. I also would like to again share one opportunity I'm working on that you can be a part of.

I'm currently in the developmental phase of launching the Scott Free Clinic (check out our website at, designed specifically to offer help, without the barrier of cost, to those who are in need. One of the major reasons why people don't get the help that could make a difference in their lives is because they can't afford it. What a tragedy!

Let's change that!

The Scott Free Clinic will offer the following services, free of charge, to ANYONE:
  • Comprehensive clinical pastoral counseling.
  • Coaching.
  • Couple Communication training.
  • Fitness consulting.
  • Pastor Care (counseling for vocational and bi-vocational ministers).
  • Consulting with churches.
In order to make this help available to others, the clinic will be supported by men and women and business people who want to help people have access to getting the help they need. We need sponsors who are willing to donate to this ministry, whether it's a one-time gift, being a monthly sponsor, or giving quarterly or annually. Every donation, regardless of size, will help to provide these desperately needed services.

If you would be interested in helping make this clinic become a reality, you can make TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations to our Fiscal Sponsor, Hope Christian Church, by giving online at this link Just click on the "Donation" tab and please be sure to designate your gift for "Scott Free Clinic" or "Counseling." You can also send checks to:

Hope Christian Church
149 Grobric Court
Fairfield, Ca. 94534

If giving by check, please note on the check that your gift is designated for "Scott Free Clinic."

I'm excited about how Scott Free Clinic will help thousands of individuals, couples, and families dramatically change their lives; how pastors and pastoral teams will be supported; and how churches will be helped to become disciple-making churches.

More than anything, your prayer support would be greatly appreciated. Let's work together to help people change their lives!


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