Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What Hallmark can teach us about living better in 2014 ...

One nice thing about it being January 1st is that we are finally through with all the holiday advertising!

There was one advertising tag line I really liked, though, because it's profoundly true. It comes from a TV commercial for Hallmark and states the simple message shown below:

We don't tend to think that way.

That's why we keep the nice china put away, and only bring it out for special occasions. But how much more special does it get than having your own family around the table for a meal on any given day?

We hold out that really nice bottle of wine for a special occasion ...

We keep our best suit or dress in the back of the closet for a special occasion ...

We mess up the family room but keep the living room presentable for special occasions ...

We hoard away a chunk of change for years, just in case of a special occasion ...

Guess what ... life is a special occasion!

All God is giving you is today, without a promise of tomorrow. Having today is a special occasion! So set the table with china, pop open the really good bottle of wine, put on your favorite suit if you want to, spend some of that savings, and watch the football game in the living room!


Holding back your best in hope of some better moment to come along is to cheapen the time God has given you now.

Make all of 2014 a special occasion!

Happy New Year!


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