Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to gut from change its positive potential ...

How is it that many people overcome their fear of change and still fail to realize benefits from what could be growth?

You know this kind of person ...

... professionally, the person who has no zeal for what they do, but they do what they do just good enough to keep progressing even when others fall behind. They do so without any enthusiasm; in fact, they often complain every step they move forward ...

... spiritually, this is the person who comes grudgingly to God, learns the spiritual disciplines and exercises them out of a sense of duty. They talk the talk, and they even walk the walk at the most minimal level ...

... these kind of people have decided they won't battle against change, but they never seem to discover the rich reward of growth that could come with each step forward.

Why does this happen?

It's because as soon as they move forward to the next step, they immediately seek out a new comfort zone at that new place and stay there as long as they can until they have to move forward again. While these people may be moving with change opportunities in their lives, they are not growing with them, they're just bouncing from one comfort zone to another.

The benefits and blessings of change and growth don't come simply from movement (we're all experiencing some level of change at any given time), but from diving into, exploring, and actualizing the opportunities offered for growth through change. That can't be done from a comfort zone, old or new.

Just going with the flow will not help you grow.

What are you doing? Riding the wave of change from one comfort zone to the next? Or using change as an opportunity to grow?


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