Monday, April 9, 2012

Is that your interest you're pushing, or God's?

It's a popular story, told many times by many preachers.

You know, the one about the man who is told by God to push against a massive boulder. The guy really leans into it, but the boulder doesn't budge. He pushes, and pushes, and then pushes some more. Nothing. He gathers himself and tries again, pushing against the rock with every fiber of his being. Nothing. Finally, the man slumps to the ground in surrender and cries out to God, "I give up, I've failed you Lord, I couldn't move the boulder a single inch!" God responds, "My son, I never told you to move the boulder, I simply told you to push against it."

Sometimes, the root cause for our exhaustion, frustration, depression, and anger is because we try to do too much. At least, more than what God has asked of us.

It's true much of the work in the church is done by a small minority of people, and getting people to do anything in service to the Lord is often a challenge. But the flip side is also true, that we sometimes spend a great deal of effort and resources atempting to do things God never asked of us.

He told us to love Him, and love others. He told us to follow Him. He told us to go make disciples, and teach them what He taught us. He told us to care for, serve, and honor each other. Is this what you're busy doing? Or are you applying your efforts and energies to things God didn't assign you to?

Are you wearing yourself out on what matters to God, or what matters to you?