Monday, April 23, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: A smart look at an old topic ...

Imagine revisiting the topic of Christian authenticity without the word "authentic" being tossed around like a Retriever after a tennis ball.

Timothy Willard and Jason Locy have pulled off such a feat in their book, "Veneer" (published by Zondervan) in a smart and sobering manner.

Before opening the cover, I was skeptical about revisiting such a topic. The idea of wearing masks and the need to be authentic has been a sermon topic by even the most novice of preachers, and celebrity pastors have dedicated chapters in their paperbacks to the subject. Simply put, it was a common topic worn out by overuse of the term, yet too little real depth given to the issue.

But those who addressed the subject matter often did so as shallowly as the topic being explored. Not so with "Veneer." In this book, the authors do a compelling job of unmasking the level of veneer in our lives, our culture, and the church, but also lead their readers in reasonable depth into the subtitle of the book, "Living Deeply in a Surface Society."

With this book, readers will gain a better insight into the depth of veneer around them --- and in them --- and can appreciate the authors guidance in how to live more deeply.

This book was passed to me by a Facebook friend, Jason Chatraw, who is a publisher at Ampelon Publishing. Books recommended by a friend are often good reads, as was the case of "Veneer." As Jason passed the book to me, I pass on the recommendation to give it a read.


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