Saturday, April 21, 2012

A better way to wait ...

If there's a gut-wrenching experience many of us don't care for, it's those times when we have to "wait" on God.

At least, that's what many say.

But could it be those are times of impatience and anxiety by many because they make a huge mistake that is very common: they wait on God from a distance.

Sometimes we do have to wait on God. God is there, caring and involved, but moving at His pace. But whoever said we have to wait on Him from a distance?

All that creates is ... distance!

Look at this simple sentence that comprises the first line of James 4:8 ...

"Come near to God and he will come near to you ..."

While God is doing His thing in His own way and timing, we can be sharing those moments with Him! We can be drawing even closer to Him.

If we do, He will draw closer to us. Then, those times of waiting will be moments shared with Him. It's hard to be anxious in His presence.



  1. What I have learned (the hard way!)was waiting at the feet of Jesus is SO much easier than wondering where He went!

  2. Absolutely! Many wander off to do their own thing, leaving God with His assignment to accomplish on their behalf. Life is much richer waiting with God, than waiting on Him.