Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Set-Up ...

Some of the best encouragements we receive are those urging us to make a positive difference in our world by touching the lives of others.

That's a great encouragement! Would you really like to do that?

If so, here's one suggestion for doing that: develop a habit of setting others up for a win.

If you think about it, that's what Jesus constantly did for people. When He forgave them of their sins, He was setting them up for a whole new start to a whole new life. When He healed them of their diseases, He was setting them up for a win of physical vitality that opened up life for them. Everything Jesus did was to set a person in a position for victory. Not everyone took the opportunity or appreciated the blessing, but Jesus was constantly positioning people with the opportunity to win ...

... to win over sin ...

... to win over death ...

... to win over every temptation, every struggle, every trial, every challenge they could face. Jesus cared that we had the opportunity to win.

To walk in the steps of Jesus Christ, to be like Him, is to have a heart for helping others be positioned to win.

It doesn't have to be grandiose acts on our part. To help a person who is down to have a good day, is helping them have a win. That single, small "win" could lift their spirits far more than you could imagine.

Helping people gain wins in their lives is being a source of love, blessing and encouragement to them. Something every single human being needs.

You know people who could use a win. There's likely something you can do to help set them up for the win.

Will you?



  1. Another great blog Scotty. Love it. And its so encouraging too.

  2. Thanks, my friend, so glad you enjoyed it!