Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can you find the mistake?

The past couple of days, several of my friends have been posting the puzzle above on Facebook, and asking if others could find the mistake. I think I know what it is, but no one has posted the known answer yet, so I'm not sure if I've got it right.

There are a lot of puzzles like this that people pass around. Some people are good at spotting the mistake, they see it right away. Others become frustrated when multiple reads and examinations fail to solve the puzzle.

Some people are just better at spotting problems.

We need to be thankful for those people!

Platitude lovers would tell you likewise. They would tell you that only positive things should flow from your mouth. They believe that hearing only positive things are good for life.

That really isn't true!

In fact, each of us need people in our lives who are good at spotting mistakes.

I'm not talking about a pessimist who never sees the good that exists. I am talking about someone who can acknowledge the good, but isn't willing to pass by the fact that a mistake is in our midst.

The people who only see the glass as half full often are the ones who will lead the rest of us over the cliff. That's because they dismiss signs of danger and detour. The fact is the glass is both half full and half empty! When you start with the reality that comes from truth, you can see opportunity as well as potential pitfalls. That greater understanding helps us make wise decisions.

So consider yourself blessed if you have someone in your life who is good at spotting mistakes, they're one of the people who can best help you grow.



  1. "The fact is the glass is both half full and half empty!"

    Good point. So grateful for friends and other loving ones who'll speak the truth in love. They show love by caring more about my life than my temporary feelings.

  2. Speak it slowly out loud and you will see the mistake.

  3. Angie, you are indeed blessed to have such friends!

    Yes, I read it too fast and missed it ... until someone came along and helped me by pointing out my mistake. Hey, that's sort of what the post was about! ;)