Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bet you've never done this ...

When was the last time you moved a mountain?

Has it been within the last month? Last year? Last decade?

Chances are, you've never moved a mountain.

Chances are, God has never asked you to move a mountain.

And chances are, God will never ask you to move a mountain.

So let's get more realistic about faith.

We toss around the teaching that faith can move a mountain (Matthew 17:20-21) with the idea that if that is true, we should be trying to move mountains.

God has placed the mountains where He wants them. He doesn't want us to focus on moving mountains. The scripture passage informing us that the smallest of faith is capable of such great feats is given to show us the capacity we have when we live out an active faith. We can put faith to better use other than trying to move mountains:
  • Faith can move a mountain, but it's better applied to moving the mountain of sin and personal issues we've stacked up in our lives;
  • Faith can move a mountain, but more often it's used to move the mole hills we make mountains from;
  • Faith can move a mountain, but more often it's purpose is to move ourselves off the couch and out the door;
  • Faith can move a mountain, but it's greatest use is in moving yourself in the footsteps of Jesus!
The church would be more effective in accomplishing it's mission of building God's kingdom if it was more practical about applying faith to following Christ rather than searching for the "useless miraculous."

If you moved the great Rocky Mountains tomorrow by an exercise of your faith, what would that accomplish for the kingdom of God?

If you moved the mountain of excuses that keep you from total devotion of every aspect of your life to living for God, by exercising your faith, what would THAT accomplish for the kingdom?

Exercise your faith, just be wise about the mountains you try to move.


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