Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hurry up and wait ...

I'm "in the mood" to write, but there's a problem: as I review my long list of topics for blog posts, I realize writing about any of the subjects listed requires more time in study and research than I have available at the moment.

Yet, my "mood" to write tempts me to take up one of the subjects anyway.

But I think I'll pass.

Sometimes, the best choice is to wait until we can do our best at what we're considering doing. Too often we simply indulge our urges with the outcome being a mediocre result. We settle for less in order to splurge on our urges.

We do this in profound things, such as our relationships, our careers, and even in our service to God. And we do this in simple things, from food choices to selecting activities. We take the cheap result of indulging the moment rather than waiting until we're prepared to produce the best.

Indulgence always brings a cheap result. A little more discipline can lead to greater impact and the potential for excellence.



  1. Agreed. Jesus always deserves our best. Like David said - when he was paying a 'high price' for a plot of land - that the owner wanted to 'gift' to him... 'I will not offer anything (to my Lord) that costs me nothing'. Our Lord God deserves nothing but our very best. Thank you Scotty. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I agree! Thank you, I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!