Monday, June 1, 2009

Electronic friends ...

Recently during an exchange of emails with a fellow pastor, I asked if he was on Twitter. He replied no, and added, "MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube ... at some point you have to put these down and just interact face to face."

I couldn't agree more!

I use a variety of technology to keep in touch with various people and to interact and communicate, but nothing is as rich as personal interaction.

While I am a proponent of many of the uses of technology, I also think it can be all too easy to become very shallow in our interactions with people if they are largely limited to sightless, electronic exchanges. While these electronic tools can sometimes expand our opportunity to pray for and support each other, they can also dramatically limit them --- you cannot share your life in 140 characters! We're less inclined to really dig beyond the surface of each other's lives and really learn about, appreciate, and serve one another if we don't take time to be with others. There's so much we can miss when we cannot see the subtle facial clues when someone is speaking. And there is no replacement for the satisfaction of "good company."

There are both benefits and negatives to electronic interactions. Use them for the benefits, but don't replace the real thing for an enhancement!


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