Thursday, April 2, 2009

A silly moment ...

It was a silly moment. At least I initially thought it was.

I've never been a big player of electronic games, but thanks to AT&T I've gotten hooked on a couple games that came with my phone ... just something to pass a moment when waiting on something.

Well, I was in the middle of a grand bout of one of these games and, upon winning, spontaneously uttered, "Thank you Lord!"

Suddenly, I at first thought myself silly. Surely God doesn't bother himself with my spending a couple minutes playing a silly game on a cell phone!

Or does He?

That initial thought stirred me to further contemplation and I concluded that perhaps He actually does bother.

You see, God loves and cares and likes and cherishes us so much that He wrapped Himself in flesh in the form of a human being just to come down here and take care of a nagging problem for us (sin). God surely cared about the big problems, but I think God also cares about the tiniest moments in our lives as well. And I think He probably smiles when something simple --- like a cell phone game --- brings a flicker of happiness to us.

I think this because God is intimately involved in our lives, and wants us to be intimately involved with Him. He cares if I'm happy or sad, good or bad, burdened or free. God simply cares. We matter to Him ... completely.

So, like a parent who gains a smile from watching a child at play, I think God probably smiled at that passing moment when I had fun playing a silly game.

I also think there really is nothing too small to thank God for. Ephesians 5:20 says, "And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ" and James wrote (James 1:17) that every good gift ... everything that is good in our lives ... comes from God. If anything, we likely don't even begin to scratch the surface at thanking God enough for the little ... or medium ... or BIG! ... things He has done, and does, for us.

So I don't feel silly anymore.

And I still thank Him when I win ...


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