Saturday, April 11, 2009

An incredible day ...

Christmas has become so commercialized it's hard for some people to even remember the purpose for the holiday. A message so opposite of the meaning of Christmas has been so rooted in our culture that the great "reason for the season" is diminished in our national celebration.

But less so for Easter. Sure, there's the Easter bunny, Easter baskets, and Easter egg hunts ... but the attempt to make Easter something other than what it is is lacking. That's because Easter marks the most profound event in human history ... the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The entire human experience rests on this single event, for without the resurrection of Jesus Christ there would be NO hope for humanity. We would be doomed to sin and its consequence: death.

But Jesus Christ overcame both! And through Him, so can we.

Tomorrow may include things like hiding eggs for kids, a big dinner with family or friends, or trying to catch the end of the Master's tournament ... whatever it may include, make sure it's all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Take time ... make time ... to get ahold of what Jesus did for us through His suffering, His death, and His resurrection from the dead. Have a little quiet time to look afresh at the resurrection, and spend some time in prayer with the Lord talking with Him about what that means for you.

Easter is an incredible day ... make yours an incredible celebration!


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